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Helmut Schmidt
Registered Names: KORbelma, Goldsmith, Simba
ARS Rating: 6.9
Petal Count: 40
Color: Medium Yellow
Class: Hybrid Tea
Fragrance: None
AARS Award:
Award of Excellence:
James Alexander Gamble
Fragrance Award:
Rose Hall of Fame:
Year Registered: 1979
Comments: What a wimp. One mis-step with a Super Birki and this guy is

toast. Seriously, this guy never had a chance. We'll try again.
Combined Rose List


Vendor Price Grade Pot type D Recommend Comments

Cottage Creek $10.00
#1 Potted

Seattle Rose Society $8.00
1.5 Bareroot Bad luck, got stepped on

very young.

Comments are based on our experiences growing roses in the Seattle Washington area. Our primary

objective is cut flowers, so this colors our opinions.

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