Track Title:               The Ultimate Sacrifice
Album Title:               Naked Baby Photos
Prime Artist:              Ben Folds Five

Written by:                Ben Folds Five
                 Now are you ready to rock?
                 Now brace yourself. Brace your fat asses for some
                 gut-wrenching Metal!

                 It's time for The Ultimate Sacrifice
                 Evil, Beelzebub
                 The final hour is approaching
                 The ultimate sacrifice
                 The ultimate sacrifice

                 Here I sit broken hearted
                 Came the shit
                 My only

                 The ultimate sacrifice
                 Metal, heavy metal,
                 It's too late to cry,
                 I said, it's too late to cry

                 It's too late
                 No supper for you
                 The final hour approach-eth
                 The ultimate sacrifice

                 Written by Ben Folds, Darren Jessee, and Robert Sledge