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Hangin' it out there a bit. I've gone fifteen years or so on this site without mentioning guns, as that seemed like a potentially polarizing issue. I have come to the conclusion that one of the problems with the perception of guns in the USA at this time is that a lot of "otherwise normal" folks like me stay in the closet and don't discuss firearms ownership, the second amendment, and related topics. So here goes....

Thoughts on training at Front Sight outside Nevada, LV

Review of a Walther PPK/S - a compact .380 auto-pistol, the original 'James Bond' gun

Review of a Beretta 92FS - a full-size 9mm auto-pistol, the civilian version of the military M9

Review of a Colt Kodiak - a .44 Magnum revolver

Review of a Heckler & Koch P7 (PSP)- a 9mm Single Stack Compact auto-pistol, my default carry weapon

Applying for an Oregon Non-Resident Concealed Handgun License (CHL)

Links to other websites I've found interesting:

The Box O' Truth - educational articles about all kinds of stuff firearms related. The original "Box" articles are relatively simple tests of firing a range of weapons into a stack of drywall to document penetration.

Lucky Gunner - Refreshingly simple ammo shopping in these times of shortage. You can tell at a glance on the front page if they have any ammo in stock. If they have it, they show it. If they don't, there's no listing. I don't know if they're *always* the cheapest, but they seem to be competitive.

Cheaper Than Dirt - Seems like everybody already knows about these guys. Some say they were a better outfit before the 'new guys' took over. Dunno about that, but they stock a ton of stuff, and I've been happy with what I've ordered from them. The ammo listings can be a bit maddening as you try to sort out what they actually have in stock.

Urban-ERT Slings - Really well-made and well thought out stuff, mostly for long guns. A "real person" behind the order desk.

FIST Holsters - Quality hand-boned leather holsters at a medium price point and wait times in a realistic 4-6 weeks range. They have hard-to-find holsters for my HK P7 - brand new forum - lots of folks there that used to be at USCCA and are hacked off by the mandatory insurance at USCCA.

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