In Memory of Missy

Missy was meant to be a princess. She knew she was special - from her champagne colored coat to her beautiful brown eyes. Every person who met her fell in love with her and her with them. She was a long legged, beautiful girl who should have been royalty or at least supermodel. But instead she came to live 'the simple life' with us after her racing career.

Missy bonded immediately with our other greyhound Trouble, and the two were inseparable for seven years. They were always together and always got along beautifully. She was sweet natured and gentle (except when it came to squirrels) and loved to spend her days laying about on one of the many dog beds, close to her humans. She would present herself periodically so that we could properly adore her or to tell us that we really ought to think about feeding her. The end came too quickly - seven years was not enough. There is a hole in my heart now that she is gone. I will always love her.

In rememberance, September 19, 2007.


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