In Memory of Trouble

Trouble was my "heart dog." We both knew it the moment we met. My husband and I were standing in the middle of a turnout pen with about ten dogs running around. We were trying to decide on a dog to adopt. Trouble joined the group late - she took one lap around the pen then ran to my side and stayed there. She came home with us that day.

During our years together, she would always watch us with complete fascination and joy. She was convinced that we were the most interesting and wonderful people on the face of the earth. I hope that I am even half the person that Trouble thought I was.

Trouble was a quiet dog (she never learned to bark) and was stoic to the core. Once, after she and our other greyhound ran from the room, she returned with a 12 inch gash in her side, never having made a sound.

Trouble was a special dog. She had a purity of spirit and devotion that is unmatched - I am sure I will never meet her equal again. Our bond was special and I will always love her. Rest in peace, my darling girl.

In rememberance, May 18, 2010.


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