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I've been into photography for roughly 35 years now.  I took a run at being a photojournalist (see the bio), but I ended up going into Electronics Engineering, financing my education by selling cameras and teaching photography.  Now I work in the labs for Boeing.  I take pictures for them too, not as an "official" photographer, but they bought equipment for me and gave me a badge that says it's ok to take pictures of Boeing stuff.

If you're so inclined, here's a short primer on Photography basics

I currently shoot primarily Nikon 35mm equipment.  This is NOT based on a firm belief that Nikon is best and that all others are trash.  When I started out in photography, I looked around at what the pros were using, and Nikon was predominant.  I reasoned that if I wanted to play in that arena, I should buy compatible equipment so I could borrow / swap / trade with the big boys.

Nikon's configuration stability is a both a blessing and a curse.  The mechanics of the basic Nikon "F" mount have been unchanged since the 1960's.  I can take my manual focus lenses I bought in the 70's and mount them on my 1995 Nikon N90s Auto Focus camera.  The lens will function just as it was intended when it was manufactured.  It won't autofocus (and a few other new features), but it will still take pictures.  The downside of this stability is that Nikon has played catch-up with Canon on Auto Focus.  Canon went with an all new mount for their auto focus lenses, and early on the Canon auto focus was superior.  Today (early 1998) Nikon has surpassed Canon in auto focus speed, but it's still a neck and neck race, and Nikon lost some precious market share to Canon in the recent past.

I'm working on a page demonstrating the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 AFD full-frame fisheye lens. It still needs some work, but you can find it here.

I also have a page to show the quality of light one gets from using bounce flash.

I put a page up of my nephew, Zach, pitching baseball.

Here's some photo / equipment links:

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Medium Format Cameras Library Page - Robert Monaghan's site. While it has a medium format focus, there are several articles and essays here of interest to the 35mm shooter.

Don't buy a camera mail order without checking the Photographic Mail Order Survey and Greenspun's Opinions on Mail-Order. When you have, you'll probably agree with me about:

Manual Focus Nikon Mailing List at - As the name implies, it's dedicated to users of older Manual Focus Nikon 35mm gear.

Auto Focus Nikon Mailing List at - This one's about the newer Auto Focus Nikon 35mm gear.

Glazer's Camera - This is probably the best pro store in Seattle.

Kenmore Camera - A smaller store in Kenmore that has a nice web presence and knowledgable people.

A Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras

The R&L Nikkor Tables - subjective reviews of many Nikkor lenses.

Nikon Lens Specifications - Roland Vink's spec tables

Ron Hashiro's Photogaphy Home Page

Differences between the Nikon N90 and the N90s - These bodies are slightly different, here's how:

Nikon MB-10 Failure - The Nikon MB-10 is the vertical grip for the N90s. It's prone to a certain kind of failure. If your thumbwheel is binding, you should check this out.

Sigma 70-300 problems with F100 - I found some things didn't work right with this lens on my F100.

Basic Flash terms and how they relate to Nikon -This is a long-ish 'post' I refer to when trying to explain Nikon flash to others.

Reference tables of one-third and one-half f-stops and shutter speeds - Includes the 'powers of two' relationships. Reciprocal Link Network

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