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I have just started (March 1999) a mailing list for Manual Focus Nikon Cameras. This is an out-growth of the Nikon-Digest maintained at that time by Andrew Donkin in New Zealand, and since shepherded by Alexander Tsiris of Greece. The Nikon-Digest has some 3,300 subscribers, and is chartered to focus on all Nikon equipment. Much of the traffic on that list centers around the latest Auto Focus camera and lens technology.

Several subscribers to that list expressed an interest in starting a smaller list devoted to the older Nikon 35mm cameras that were manual focus, and generally mechanical in nature. Some will abandon the old list; some will participate in both. That's how this list was born.

In addition to the dialog about Nikon equipment, this list embraces some general technique questions. As Glenn Stewart put it, "We all learned our techniques from someone (or several people), and I see no reason to disallow such discussion from an obviously photography-related discussion group."

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If you're late to the list and want to catch up, you can view the list archive. (unfortunately, you must be logged on to your account at to view these)

Conduct on the List

The list is currently unmoderated, anyone can sign up and post. There are tools that allow the list owner (that would be me, Todd Peach) to boot people from the list, cut people off from posting, or turn it into a moderated list. I don't anticipate a need to do that. Things that are NOT welcome include:

Mechanics of the List

You have a couple of configuration choices to make:

The first is Digest or Non-Digest. In a small population, you probably want to start in Non-Digest mode. Every post will be sent to every member in near real-time (I see delays of 2-20 minutes, depending on traffic). As our list grows, some of you will prefer Digest mode, where all the posts for a given day are saved up and sent at once.

The second choice is Mail or No Mail. Over the past year or so, I've seen many folks set the 'No Mail' flag when they set the 'Digest' flag. They are two different things. 'No Mail' means what it says. You'll get nothing from the list. 'No Mail' is intended for you to use when you go on vacation and don't want postings piling up in your inbox.

When you receive a post, it will always have the subject "[NikonMF]user's subject here". If you hit your e-mail software's "reply" button, the default address will be to post to the list itself. Be sure and edit down the original post to the bare bones so we don't waste bandwidth. If you wish to reply privately to the individual, you have to cut and paste their e-mail address into the "To" section of your reply.

You must be a member of the list to post to the list. Your e-mail address is viewable to the list community whenever you post. Only the list owner (that's me) can view the complete list of 'lurkers' e-mail addresses. The archives are not viewable by the public (that's a choice I made), as the e-mail addresses are inconsistently x'd out.

Postings go to:

For those of you who don't have web access (how exactly are you reading this, then?) or are averse to the cookie-based web experience at, there are special E-mail commands:

Note that the above commands are actual e-mail addresses; you send a blank message to the above address, not to the list itself. The address that you send it from must be your subscribed address.

Selling Guidelines

Simple declarations of Nikon and Nikon-related items for sale are welcome. State a price asked if you like. Conduct the actual negotiation (if any) via private e-mail. Don't use the list in an "auction" fashion, there's other places for that. Do not post links to your Ebay (or similar) auctions (we took a vote, and decided it's annoying).

We're all aware that we're relying on the trustworthiness of our fellow 'listers', there is no middleman here on this list.

What's Available

There are a couple of areas on the site that you may find useful:

Bookmarks - Otherwise known as links. Here you will find links to various Photography Web Resources (Lens test sites, FAQ's, etc.). List members can add their own home pages, favorite links, etc. here as well.

Shared Files - We anticipate using this area as a source of information that is hard to find elsewhere on the web. The handy thing about the shared files is you can save them and read/work off line, saving telephone connection charges. Your suggestions and input are welcome as to any other content you would like to see.

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